POPI (Protection Of Personal Information) Act


Are you perhaps thinking of buying a shredder?  In that case you should maybe first read this article to ensure that you buy a shredder in compliance with the POPI Act (Shredders P-3 Cross-Cut and upwards)


This Act is being implemented because identity theft costs our economy millions every year!


This was started on 01 July 2020, but for all businesses and organisations to make the necessary arrangements and to take appropriate action, you have time until 01 July 2021 to get everything in place, by which time, should you not dispose of client information as set out in the POPI Act, you could face fines up to R10 million.



Please note that Regulation 4 (Responsibilities of Information Officers) will be effective 01 May 2021 and Regulation 5 (Application for Issuing Code of Conduct) will be effective 01 March 2021.


This calls for businesses and organisations to take appropriate action with regards to the acquisition, storage and destruction of personal information and therefore policies and practices must be put in place to prevent the reconstruction of discarded personal information.


There are no clear-cut rules as to how each business or organization has to implement the POPI Act as everyone will differ from the other and therefore the accountability is left with the responsible party to apply these conditions to their circumstances.


With regards to shredding and in compliance with the POPI Act, you have to use a Cross-Cut Shedder, (P-3 or P-4) or a Micro-Cut Shredder (P-5) and to be really safe, you can use a Super Micro-Cut Shredder (P-6) or a Super Fine Micro-Cut Shredder (P-6+).


What does all this mean for you?


ü  You will need higher levels of security than straight cut (P-2) shredders;

ü  We have shredders available in security levels P-3, P-4 and P-5 which are therefore ideal POPI Act shredding solutions;

ü  We also have Auto+ shredders which offers the latest innovative technology.