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Business Card Filing Solutions

Brand: Bantex Model: B5923PRF00
BANTEX A4 Business Card BinderA4 Business Card Binder with a 4 D-ring 30mm Capacity Mechanism.Available in Assorted Colours - Blue or Black. Includes 20 Polypropylene A4. Each A4 Pocket Holds 20 Cards. The Bantex A4 Business Card Binder has a 600 Card capacity. Card filing pockets and A-Z My..
Ex Tax:R226.09
Brand: Bantex Model: B214000008
BANTEX Business Card A4 Binder Refill PocketsMulti-punched reinforced edge Fits all A4 binders Each A4 sheet holds 20 cards. 10 x A4 Sheets ..
Ex Tax:R26.52
Brand: Bantex Model: B590000050
BANTEX Business Card Holder 96 Card CapacityBusiness Card Holder with deluxe PVC Cover. 96 card capacity – 4 cards to view. Vertical pocket on inner front cover...
Ex Tax:R80.00
Brand: Bantex Model: B592000000
BANTEX Business Card Holder RingbinderPVC cover with 12 inner polypropylene card pockets. 96 Card capacity. 8 Division A-Z Plastic index. Expandable to 192 card capacity. Refill With Bantex B5922 Business Card Refill Pockets..
Ex Tax:R111.30
Brand: Bantex Model: B592200008
BANTEX Business Card Refill Pockets for Bantex B5920 Business Card Holder12 x PP refill pockets 4 To View Pockets For use in Bantex B5920 Business Card Holder..
Ex Tax:R33.04
Brand: Meeco Model: NP0100-C1
Mulit Punched - universal 11 holes.Each A4 Sheet can hold 10 Business Cards.70 Microns...
Ex Tax:R47.83
Brand: Treeline Model: 77-8811-00
PVC A4 narrow card holder, holds 96 cards with a fixed welded spine for an extended life span...
Ex Tax:R28.70
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