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Tidy Files Clips For Files

Brand: Tidy Files Model: 77/2180
Tidy Files Dispo Clips or Spaghetti Clip.NON-Adhesive.Sold per each. Comes standard in the Expanda Files.Product Codes: New Product Code: CLDISPU Catalogue Code: 77/2180..
Ex Tax:R3.71
Brand: Tidy Files Model: 77/2182
Tidy Files KwikFix Metal Self-Adhesive Clip.Self-Adhesive.Colour: WhiteSold per Each. Product Codes: New Product Code: CLKFMSA Catalogue Code: TD77/2182..
Ex Tax:R2.80
Brand: Tidy Files Model: 77/2250
Tidy Files Metal Document Binder & Info Label.NON-Adhesive. Used for Archiving.Sold per each. Product Codes: New Product Code: CLMDOCBINC Catalogue Code: TD77/2250..
Ex Tax:R13.62
Brand: Tidy Files Model: 77/2190
Tidy Files Self-Adhesive Tri-ClipColour: Blue and White.Also Known as "Spaghetti clip"Pack of 10Product Codes: New Product Code: CLTRI Catalogue Code: TD77/2190..
Ex Tax:R51.65
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