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Brand: Collosso Model: TCF-20
Collosso Correction Fluid with Brush 20mlNEW Ozone Friendly Formula Multi-Purpose & Quick Drying Correction Fluid 20ml Soft Nylon Brush..
Ex Tax:R7.04
Brand: Croxley Model: COR8012
CROXLEY COR8012 Fine Metal Point Correction Pen 12mlMetal tip correction Pen.12ml Correction Fluid.Prefect for home,School and Office use...
Ex Tax:R10.00
Brand: Pentel Model: ZL72-W
Pentel - Extra Fine Point Correction Pen 4.2mlMulti-Purpose Extra Fine Metal Point Correction Pen. Finest tip of all our correction pens. Use with ruler possible.  Slim shape ideal for pencil case. Pentel ZL72 Extra Fine Point Correction Pen Contains 4.2ml fluid...
Ex Tax:R25.65
Brand: Pentel Model: ZLC21W
PENTEL ZLC21W Fine Plastic Point Correction Pen 7mlThe original multi-purpose quick drying correctional fluid with easy to use medium plastic point...
Ex Tax:R27.58
Brand: Pilot Model: ECTRF-15K-4G-BG
PILOT - Refill for Correction Tape White Line Grip 4mm x 6m...
Ex Tax:R23.48
Brand: Pilot Model: ECTE-25K-BL-5L
Retractable correction tape.5mm width x 6m length.Refillable...
Ex Tax:R33.04
Brand: Pilot Model: ECTE-25K-BL-6P
Retractable correction tape.6mm width x 6m length.Refillable...
Ex Tax:R33.04
Brand: BIC Model: 019252
Tipp-Ex MicroTape Twist Tape 5mm x 8m. Tear resistant film. Fast, neat and precise correction. Instant rewriting, no dry time. Odorless, suitable for use by children. Transparent body for visible film supply. Integrated cap to protect the tape in one twist. Available in ..
Ex Tax:R29.13
Brand: BIC Model: 019253
Unique Foam Applicator Extra Coverage Quick Dry No Thinners Required..
Ex Tax:R22.17
Model: 019195
Shake'n Squeeze has a soft, squeezable body that allows you to make corrections with less effort and increased control. The cap clip easily attached to notebooks and binders. ..
Ex Tax:R29.57
Brand: TWINGO Model: TWB615
TWINGO Mini Soft Grip Correction Tape 5mm x 6mFast & accurate. Instant correction. Comfortable soft grip. Assorted Casing Colours: Green, Blue or Pink..
Ex Tax:R12.00
Brand: UNI Model: CLT-205
UNI Correction Tape 5mm x 6mMulti purpose dry correction tape. Covers errors instantly and can be written over immediately after application. Corrects smoothly with a flexible tip...
Ex Tax:R42.61
Brand: Pentel Model: ZLE52-W
Pentel - Correct Express Correction Pen 7mlMulti-Purpose Fine Point Quick Drying Correction Pen. The newly formulated ink dries super quick compared to other Pentel correction pens. Pentel  Correct Express Correction Pen Contains 7ml...
Ex Tax:R23.95
Brand: Pentel Model: ZL62-W
Pentel - Fine Point Pocket Correction Pen 7mlMulti-Purpose Fine Point Quick Drying Correction Pen. Fine point pen-shaped model contains multi-purpose quick drying ink.  Easy to see transparent click cap which prevents dry out. Pentel Fine Point Pocket Correction Pen Contains 7ml...
Ex Tax:R26.25
Brand: Collosso Model: TCCP
Collosso - Correction pen 7ml0.8mm Fine Needle Metal Tip Point. 7ml. Ozone Friendly Formula. For home and office use...
Ex Tax:R9.46
Brand: Pentel Model: ZL31-W
Pentel - Fine Point Correction Pen 12mlMulti-Purpose Fine Point Correction Pen. Fine point and 4mm sleeve make this correction pen unchallenged for detailed use.  Not limited to corrections, the fine tip makes an excellent pen for use on any surface. Pentel - Fine Point Correction Pen Conta..
Ex Tax:R32.34
Brand: Pentel Model: ZLC1-W
Pentel - Fine Point Correction Pen 18mlThe original multi-purpose quick drying correctional fluid with easy to use medium plastic point...
Ex Tax:R33.16
Brand: Pentel Model: ZL1S-6
Pentel - Fine Point Correction Pen 18mlMulti-purpose correction fluid with fine metal point. PENTEL ZL1S-6 ..
Ex Tax:R29.47
Brand: Foska Model: GZ1004B
Foska Correction Tape 5mm x 6mInstant correction and no waiting. Fast & accurate. Transparent case will show you remaining tape. Great value for money...
Ex Tax:R10.43
Brand: Pentel Model: ZT35W
Pentel - Correction Tape 5mm x 5mThe Correction Tape provides instant coverage & allows immediate over-writing. Eliminates show-through.  5mm width provides complete line coverage...
Ex Tax:R31.30
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