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Packaging Tapes

Model: PTB4850
Packaging Tape 48mm x 50m BUFFWidth: 48mm Length: 50m Colour: Buff ..
Ex Tax:R8.65
Model: PTC4850
Packaging Tape 48mm x 50m CLEARWidth: 48mm Length: 50m Colour: Clear ..
Ex Tax:R8.65
Model: PTB48100
Packaging Tape 48mm x 100m BUFFWidth: 48mm Length: 100m Colour: Buff..
Ex Tax:R17.35
Model: PTC48100
Packaging Tape 48mm x 100m CLEARWidth: 48mm Length: 100m Colour: Clear..
Ex Tax:R17.36
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21 Day Lockdown
From Thursday, March 26 until midnight on Thursday, April 16. Our shop will be closed for business as well as no deliveries will be made during this time. All orders being placed in this time will only be processed from 17 April 2020. Thank you for your continued support and remember to please stay safe!