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Brand: XTREEM Model: X4-0106-00
XTREEM Degreaser 1LAn all-purpose detergent/ degreaser that contains surface reducing agents & alkali builders that effectively removes grease, oils, dust & other soils from hard surfaces. Features:  Concentrated/ Safe on Painted Surfaces/Good Risibility   High Foam..
Ex Tax:R21.74
Brand: Air Scents Model: 6001878005030
AIR SCENTS AutoFresh Automatic Spray Refill - Lavender and VanillaLavender and Vanilla Fits Other Auto Spray Machines 250ml..
Ex Tax:R42.00
Model: J0905000
MULTIPRO Bleach - 5LConcentrated Formula. Stabilised Chlorine Base. Fast Stain Removing Capabilities. Safe for use on Cotton and Linen...
Ex Tax:R36.75
Model: JO105000
MULTIPRO Cloudy Ammonia - 5LStrong Multi Surface Cleaner. Non-Abrasive Hard Surface Cleaner. Removes Grease, Fat and Other Heavy Soiling from All Hard Surfaces...
Ex Tax:R43.75
Model: JO405000
MULTIPRO Degreaser - 5LConcentrated Liquid used on Multiple Surfaces to Remove Grease...
Ex Tax:R60.75
Model: J1105000
MULTIPRO Deo Blocks - 5Kg (125 Blocks)The Strong Deodorising Power of Deo Blocks Will Quickly Eliminate Offensive Odours that Persist in Washrooms. Round Compressed Blocks...
Ex Tax:R340.20
Model: JO205002
MULTIPRO Dish-Washing Liquid - Lemon - 5L20% Active Ingredient. High Foaming. Cleans Various Surfaces...
Ex Tax:R66.00
Model: JO805000
MULTIPRO Domesty - 5LThick Stabilised Chlorine Base. Multi Usage Bleach Lasting Power to Eradicate All Known Germs Leaves Your Home and Office Germ Free...
Ex Tax:R62.43
Model: JO605001
MULTIPRO Fabric Softner - Lavender - 5LThe Formula That Mothers Have Relied on for Years for Soft Clothes That Smell Great. Lavender..
Ex Tax:R60.75
Model: JO705002
MULTIPRO Hand Soap - Waterlily - 5LWater Soluble CLeaner Contains Water Softeners. Thick Suitable For Dispensers. Pink Colour...
Ex Tax:R55.68
Model: JO305000
MULTIPRO Multi-Purpose Cleaner - 5LAll Purpose Water Based Detergent Cleaner. Removes Grease, Oils, Dust. Safe on Painted Surfaces...
Ex Tax:R92.75
Model: J2005001
MULTIPRO Pine Gel - Green - 5L.Deodorises, Sanitises and Cleans at The Same Time...
Ex Tax:R104.62
Model: J1405000
MULTIPRO Tile Cleaner - 5L.Bio-Degradable Water-Based Degreaser. Suitable for Cleaning all Types of Hard Surfaces, Walls and Floors. Used as Effective Means of Removing Grease and Fatty Deposits...
Ex Tax:R67.50
Model: J1405190
MULTIPRO Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 5LAn Acid-Based Cleaner. Removes Stains and Uric Build Up...
Ex Tax:R50.62
Model: JO505000
MULTIPRO Window Cleaner - 5L.Disolves Grease. Lifts off Dirt. Leaves Surfaces Streak Free...
Ex Tax:R55.68
Model: COBA-1004
Refuse Bags - Black - 30 Micron (20 Pack)Heavy Duty 20 Bags Per Pack..
Ex Tax:R31.85
Model: sun5l
SUNLIGHT Dish-Washing Liquid - 5L..
Ex Tax:R149.00
Brand: XTREEM Model: X4-0072-00
XTREEM All-Purpose Cleaner 5LXTREEM All-Purpose Cleaner is an abrasive cleaner used on stainless steel & ceramic materials.  Non – Scratch. Safe to use on all hard surfaces. Biodegradable.  pH: 8.00 - 9.00 Smell: Ammonia..
Ex Tax:R52.13
Brand: XTREEM Model: X4-0020-00
XTREEM All-Purpose Cleaner 750mlXTREEM All-Purpose Cleaner is an abrasive cleaner used on stainless steel & ceramic materials.  Non – Scratch. Safe to use on all hard surfaces. Biodegradable.  pH: 8.00 - 9.00 Smell: Ammonia..
Ex Tax:R19.57
Brand: XTREEM Model: X4-0073-00
XTREEM Bleach 5LXTREEM BLEACH is a concentrated liquid chlorine bleach based on Sodium hypochlorite. Concentrated. Deodorized. Disinfectant. Areas of Use: Canteen, Industrial Kitchens, Toilets, and Hotels. pH: 12 - 13 Smell: Chlorine Dilution Ratio: General Cleani..
Ex Tax:R46.96
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