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Brand: XTREEM Model: X4-0106-00
XTREEM Degreaser 1LAn all-purpose detergent/ degreaser that contains surface reducing agents & alkali builders that effectively removes grease, oils, dust & other soils from hard surfaces. Features: Concentrated/ Safe on Painted Surfaces/Good Risibility High Foaming/Will Not Cau..
Ex Tax:R25.65
Brand: LIQUID CLINIC Model: AF-20ml
Hands are one of the main pathways of germ transmission. Hand hygiene is now regarded as one of the most important elements of infection control to avoid transmission of these harmful germs.In the wake of the spreading Coronavisrus (COVID-19), health care associations are encouraging people to rever..
Ex Tax:R24.35
Model: J0905000
MULTIPRO Bleach - 5LConcentrated Formula. Stabilised Chlorine Base. Fast Stain Removing Capabilities. Safe for use on Cotton and Linen...
Ex Tax:R40.00
Model: J0105000
MULTIPRO Cloudy Ammonia - 5LStrong Multi Surface Cleaner. Non-Abrasive Hard Surface Cleaner. Removes Grease, Fat and Other Heavy Soiling from All Hard Surfaces...
Ex Tax:R53.04
Model: J0405000
MULTIPRO Degreaser - 5LConcentrated Liquid used on Multiple Surfaces to Remove Grease...
Ex Tax:R72.17
Model: J1105000
MULTIPRO Deo Blocks - 5Kg (125 Blocks)The Strong Deodorising Power of Deo Blocks Will Quickly Eliminate Offensive Odours that Persist in Washrooms. Round Compressed Blocks...
Ex Tax:R434.78
Model: J0205002
MULTIPRO Dish-Washing Liquid - Lemon - 5L20% Active Ingredient. High Foaming. Cleans Various Surfaces...
Ex Tax:R77.39
Model: J0805000
MULTIPRO Domesty - 5LThick Stabilised Chlorine Base. Multi Usage Bleach Lasting Power to Eradicate All Known Germs Leaves Your Home and Office Germ Free...
Ex Tax:R76.52
Model: J0705002
MULTIPRO Hand Soap - Waterlily - 5LWater Soluble CLeaner Contains Water Softeners. Thick Suitable For Dispensers. Pink Colour...
Ex Tax:R65.22
Model: J0305000
MULTIPRO Multi-Purpose Cleaner - 5LAll Purpose Water Based Detergent Cleaner. Removes Grease, Oils, Dust. Safe on Painted Surfaces...
Ex Tax:R103.48
Model: J2005001
MULTIPRO Pine Gel - Green - 5L.Deodorises, Sanitises and Cleans at The Same Time...
Ex Tax:R147.83
Model: J1405000
MULTIPRO Tile Cleaner - 5L.Bio-Degradable Water-Based Degreaser. Suitable for Cleaning all Types of Hard Surfaces, Walls and Floors. Used as Effective Means of Removing Grease and Fatty Deposits...
Ex Tax:R81.74
Model: J1405190
MULTIPRO Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 5LAn Acid-Based Cleaner. Removes Stains and Uric Build Up...
Ex Tax:R56.52
Model: J0505000
MULTIPRO Window Cleaner - 5L.Disolves Grease. Lifts off Dirt. Leaves Surfaces Streak Free...
Ex Tax:R66.96
Brand: Parrot Model: JA0401B
3% Chlorine.Stabilized chlorine source.Concentrated formula.Deodorizer, sanitizer and stain remover...
Ex Tax:R68.70
Brand: Parrot Model: JA0101
300mm Soft Head1200mm Powder Coated HandleLight WeightIdeal for Soft and Hard SurfacesQuality fibre for Effective Sweeping..
Ex Tax:R106.96
Brand: Parrot Model: JA0401D
Economical in use - high active content.Safe on all surfaces.Streak free rinsing.Gentle on hands.Lemon Scented...
Ex Tax:R125.22
Brand: Parrot Model: JA0202
400g Mop Head.100% Cotton.1200mm Aluminium Handle.High Quality.Super Absorbent...
Ex Tax:R252.17
Brand: Parrot Model: JA0203
400g Mop Head.+- 380mm Long.100% Cotton.High Quality.Super Absorbent.For use in Parrot Fan Mop - 400g..
Ex Tax:R87.83
Brand: Parrot Model: JA0401HS
Strawberry scented.Gentle on skin.Reduces germs.Protects hands...
Ex Tax:R100.87
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