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Brand: Bantex Model: B8110-05
BANTEX Plastic Eraser LargeHigh Quality Pencil Eraser 62 x 20 x 11mm..
Ex Tax:R3.95
Brand: Croxley Model: ERA4420
CROXLEY Eraser Large62 x 20mm Erasers.Sleeved...
Ex Tax:R2.96
Brand: Pentel Model: ZE11T-M
Pentel - Clic EraserPlastic eraser in a transparent pen-shaped barrel. The pocket clip advances the eraser as required. Uses ZER-2 eraser refill. Assorted Colours...
Ex Tax:R18.24
Brand: Pentel Model: ZER-2
Pentel - Clic Eraser Refill2 Erasers per packFor use in Pentel Clic Eraser..
Ex Tax:R14.46
Brand: Pentel Model: ZEH 05
Pentel - HiPolymer Eraser - SmallA high-quality, small, white block eraser specially designed to lift lead markings off paper with very light pressure Erases cleanly without scratching or tearing paper surface, and leaves no dust! Non-abrasive block eraser will not crack or harden with age and r..
Ex Tax:R6.91
Brand: Pilot Model: EE-102
PILOT EE102 Plastic Eraser - LargeThe Pilot EE102 Eraser has Excellent Erasability for paper and OHP film. 60 x 12 x 21mm..
Ex Tax:R8.28
Brand: Pilot Model: EE-101
PILOT EE101 Plastic Eraser - SmallThe Pilot EE101 Eraser has Excellent Erasability for paper and OHP film. 43 x 11 x 18mm..
Ex Tax:R5.52
STAEDTLER Mars Plastic Eraser - Large STAEDTLER Mars Plastic Eraser - Large
Save -18 %
Brand: Staedtler Model: 52650
Premium quality for first-class erasing performance.65 x 23 x 13mm.Minimal crumblingProtective cellophane wrapper with a practical tear-and-open strip.Sliding sleeve for convenient handling.Phthalate and latex-free.Age-resistant.Efficient production “Made in Germany”.Best erasing performance with li..
R16.50 R20.00
Ex Tax:R14.35
Brand: Staedtler Model: 525 T20
Comfort quality eraser in tradition design For high-quality erasing performance Minimal crumbling Phthalate and latex free, mentioned on sleeve..
R6.30 R7.46
Ex Tax:R5.48
Brand: Staedtler Model: 525T40
Comfort quality eraser in tradition design. For high-quality erasing performance. Minimal crumbling. Phthalate and latex-free, mentioned on sleeve. Size: 37 x 15 x 11 mm..
R4.95 R5.50
Ex Tax:R4.30
Brand: Treeline Model: TR6224
TREELINE Easirase Eraser - Large61 x 23 x 12.5mm Sleeved..
Ex Tax:R1.93
Brand: Treeline Model: TR44
TREELINE Easirase Eraser - Small44 x 20 x10mm Sleeved..
Ex Tax:R1.66
Brand: Treeline Model: TR-30
TREELINE PVC Eraser UnsleevedSmall PVC Eraser.30mm x 20mm x 10mm.White Eraser.non-toxic, soft touch eraser...
Ex Tax:R0.87
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