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Transparent Tape

Brand: Sellotape Model: TST1825
Sellotape Sello tear 18mm x 25mSello Tear have Serrated Edges for Easy Tear. No Need to Cut Tape. 18mm x 25m. Sello Tear is Crystal Clear...
Ex Tax:R23.48
Brand: PRITT Model: 1557907
Pritt No More Scissors have unique serrated edges for easy tear by hand. Crystal clear high-quality non-slip tape.The original with serrated edges.Easy to tear by hand.No scissors or dispenser needed.Pritt No More Scissors is Convenient and easy to use.19 mm x 25m.Simple and ingenious tape innovatio..
Ex Tax:R26.09
Brand: Scotch Model: 16380
Scotch Transparent Econo Tape 12mm x 66mAn all-purpose transparent tape for the home, office and school.Scotch Transparent Econo Tape 's strong adhesive ensures secure packaging and sealing.Clear in colour...
Ex Tax:R14.35
Brand: Sellotape Model: TPV18201
Great Value Clear tape on Dispenser..
Ex Tax:R12.17
Brand: Sellotape Model: TP1001
SELLOTAPE x 2 Tape + Elephant DispenserVery Strong Elephant Tape Dispenser with Metal Cutting Blade. 2 x Rolls of Clear Sellotape 18mm x 20m Great for School and Office use...
Ex Tax:R20.43
Brand: HSTM.COM Model: 1233
Tape Clear - 12mm x 33mTape Clear Large Core..
Ex Tax:R3.00
Model: 44-6202-00
Clear adhesive tape.Size: 12mm x 33m.Small Core...
Ex Tax:R3.00
Brand: HSTM.COM Model: 1266
Tape Clear - 12mm x 66mTape Clear Large Core..
Ex Tax:R4.55
Brand: HSTM.COM Model: 1866
Tape Clear - 18mm x 50mTape Clear Large Core..
Ex Tax:R4.80
Brand: HSTM.COM Model: 2466
Tape Clear - 24mm x 50mTape Clear Large Core..
Ex Tax:R6.00
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