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Transparent Tape

Brand: Sellotape Model: TST1825
Sellotape Sello tear 18mm x 25mSello Tear have Serrated Edges for Easy Tear. No Need to Cut Tape. 18mm x 25m. Sello Tear is Crystal Clear...
Ex Tax:R21.74
Brand: PRITT Model: 1557907
PRITT NO MORE SCISSORSPritt No More Scissors have unique serrated edges for easy tear by hand.  Crystal clear high quality non-slip tape. The original with serrated edges. Easy to tear by hand. No scissors or dispenser needed. Pritt No More Scissors is Convenient and easy to use. 19 m..
Ex Tax:R24.35
Brand: Scotch Model: 16380
Scotch Transparent Econo Tape 12mm x 66mAn all-purpose transparent tape for the home, office and school.Scotch Transparent Econo Tape 's strong adhesive ensures secure packaging and sealing.Clear in colour...
Ex Tax:R14.35
Brand: Sellotape Model: TP1001
SELLOTAPE x 2 Tape + Elephant DispenserVery Strong Elephant Tape Dispenser with Metal Cutting Blade. 2 x Rolls of Clear Sellotape 18mm x 20m Great for School and Office use...
Ex Tax:R19.57
Brand: HSTM.COM Model: 1233
Tape Clear - 12mm x 33mTape Clear Large Core..
Ex Tax:R3.00
Model: 44-6202-00
Clear adhesive tape.Size: 12mm x 33m.Small Core...
Ex Tax:R3.00
Brand: HSTM.COM Model: 1266
Tape Clear - 12mm x 66mTape Clear Large Core..
Ex Tax:R4.55
Brand: HSTM.COM Model: 1866
Tape Clear - 18mm x 50mTape Clear Large Core..
Ex Tax:R4.80
Brand: HSTM.COM Model: 2466
Tape Clear - 24mm x 50mTape Clear Large Core..
Ex Tax:R6.00
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