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White Board Starter Packs

Brand: Parrot Products Model: BA0200
PARROT Starter Pack Whiteboard2 x Whiteboard Markers 1 x Cloth 1 x Eraser (95 x 55mm) 1 x Cleaning Fluid (237ml)..
Ex Tax:R166.92
Model: 1903798
QUARTET DRY-erase Cleaning KitQuartet Whiteboards Starter Kit will help keep any whiteboard looking its best in conference rooms, homes and classrooms. Contains 4 low-odor dry-erase markers (black, red, green and blue), 1 foam eraser and spray cleaner...
Ex Tax:R111.30
Brand: Parrot Products Model: BA0202
PARROT Starter Pack Whiteboard Magnetic2 x Whiteboard Markers 1 x Cloth 1 x Magnetic Eraser (145 x 55mm) 1 x Cleaning Fluid (237ml) 4 x Moulded Magnets (20mm)..
Ex Tax:R200.85
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