Make your Parrot Whiteboard look like new!

After time, your Parrot Whiteboard’s surface will become faded and stained. This is normal. But it does not have to mean the end of your boards live.

With the Parrot Whiteboard Cleaning Fluid, you can make your Parrot Whiteboard look like new in no time, and with truly little effort. 

To start the cleaning process, the first step to take will be to wipe your board’s surface as clean as you can by using the Parrot Whiteboard Erasers. 

Next you can use a damp Parrot Aqua Wipe and give your board’s surface a good wipe. Allow the surface to dry before starting the next step.

Once your Parrot Whiteboard’s surface has dried, you can spray the surface of your board roughly with the Parrot Whiteboard Cleaning Fluid. Next, take your Parrot Whiteboard Duster  and remove the used layer so that you are left with a clean, new layer.  Now you can wipe the surface of your board again.

You can use a bit more spray on the areas of your board where there might be some scratches. You can leave the cleaning fluid to sit on the surface of you board for a few seconds to allow it to penetrate the surface before wiping the board again. 

After you have completed these steps, you should be left with a board looking like new. 

You can clean your board using these steps as often as you wish.


An added note. The Parrot Whiteboard Cleaning fluid and damp Parrot Aqua Wipe will also remove permanent marker from your board.