All glue sticks do stick, right? But how good do they really stick to their promises or as advertised?

We at MCS Office Supplies have done some testing ourselves and also looked into what our customers prefer and why they prefer a certain brand above other brands. We found that some people are very specific when it comes to glue sticks and other people simply want the cheapest. Not to say cheap is necessarily bad, but if you are a teacher you will know why some cheap brands simply just don't work.

So when we are talking about glue sticks, the first name that comes to mind is of course, Pritt!!

Pritt is so commonly used as a generic term to describe glue sticks in general. " Please pass me the Pritt“ - even when it is a Bostik Glue stick.  How often do you hear anyone ask " May I borrow your Bostik or Amos?” I would say hardly if ever. - Both Amos and Bostik are very popular and excellent glue stick brands.

So let's have a quick look at these brands and their glue sticks. Let's work in alphabetic order to not discriminate against any brand.

Amos Glue Sticks

The Amos glue stick is a brand most parents and teachers will know very well, its one of the more popular brands especially when it comes to schools. Amos is a safe, clean and washable glue stick made in Korea and is available in 8g, 22g, and 35g glue sticks. It's a very affordable Glue Stick brand and is more than sufficient for use in schools and even arts & crafts. What we found when testing the Amos Glue Stick with paper on paper is that it takes longer to get dry or stick 100%. You can basically reposition your paper if you have pasted it in the wrong position - so it could be a bonus point?

Bostik Glue Stick

Bostik glue sticks are definitely a brand preferred by many customers, from schools to corporate customers. Bostik glue sticks are Solvent Free, Non-toxic and acid-free. A 'made in China' product and also available in 8g, 25g, and 36g glue sticks. It is a quick setting non-wrinkling paper glue and seems to do just that when we tested it with paper on paper.

Gloy Glue Sticks

Some people may not know Gloy glue sticks, it has been in the SA market since 2016. It's getting more and more popular due to its quality and fair price. Gloy glue sticks are Solvent-Free, Acid-Free, Non-Toxic and Washable. A 'made in Germany' brand available in 20g and 40g. Gloy Glue sticks are also a product from Henkel (Pritt is manufactured by Henkel). Gloy has proven to be a high-quality glue stick, seems to work perfectly and relatively quick and strong. Gloy Glue sticks can be used with confidence from school to office, will save you money and won't let you down.

Pritt Glue Sticks

Pritt Glue sticks are a German made product available in 11g, 22g, and 43g. Pritt glue sticks have always been the glue stick to stick with, you can't go wrong when buying Pritt - it works well and is available easy to get hold of at almost any shop. Pritt is also a preferred brand when it comes to Schools especially from the teachers. A lot of Schools insist on ONLY Pritt and by that, it must mean something. We know Pritt glue sticks are strong and last longer than most other brands and to be honest they are also on the more expensive side too. Yet Pritt Glue Sticks are the World’s best-selling glue stick and I fully understand why - it's probably the best glue stick on the market and a brand that owns the generic product name in most households.