So what is this new "Soft Touch Mechanism"?  

It is pretty much a rubber grip handle on the lever of the Lever Arch Mechanism.  Simple but very effective, the soft touch makes it easier to open and close your Lever Arch Mechanism.  

With Bantex already known for its superior quality lever arch files the "Soft touch Mechanism" just adds to their already excellent Lever Arch File.

Let us have a quick look at what else Bantex has to offer on their Lever Arch Files:

BANTEX PVC & PP Lever Arch Files

  • Laminated one-piece cover.
    • It is a solid, thick one-piece PVC cover which makes it more durable and longer lasting.
    • No glued or overlap edges which could tear loose with frequent use.
    • 40mm and 70mm PVC Lever Arch Files only.

  • Casemade Full outer & inner PP cover.
    • Same Colour both on the inside and outside of the lever arch file.
    • Only on the PP Files.

  • Interchangeable colour-matching spine label.
    • This is a very useful ‘must-have’ on every File, easy to use - simply pull out the label, label it and place it back into the Spine Label Pocket.
    • Available on all Bantex Lever Arch Files.

  • Quality mechanism with a metal compressor.
    • The metal compressor is also very durable and keeps the filed documents in place.
    • Easy to lock and release button.

  • Rado cover locking system.
    • This is truly handy especially if you want your files to stay closed and not just fall open.
    • Makes the file stand upright steady and neatly.
    • Only on the 70mm spine files.

  • Spine ring, bright nickel plated.
    • Very useful when your files are packed next to each other and you need to get a file out - you simply pull the file backward from the shelf using this Spine Ring on the spine of the lever arch file.

  • Strong-line - triple layer reinforced bottom edge enhances durability.
    • A very important feature to make the files last even longer.
    • This is the part of the file that gets the most friction when moved onto and off the shelf.

  • Wide range of colours to choose from.
    • BANTEX PVC Lever Arch Files 70mm are available in 15 Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey, Yellow, Burgundy, Pink, Cobalt Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Metallic Blue, Metallic Pink, Metallic Green, and Silver.
    • BANTEX PVC Lever Arch File 40mm  are available in 7 Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey, Yellow and Burgundy.
    • BANTEX PP Lever Arch Files 70mm are available in 12 Colours: Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Red, Black, Cobalt Blue, Orange, Lilac, Turquoise, Pink and Lime Green.
    • BANTEX PP Lever arch Files 40mm are available in 13 Colours: Blue, Green, White, Grey, Yellow, Red, Black, Cobalt Blue, Orange, Lilac, Turquoise, Pink and Lime Green.

Bantex is always improving on their Lever Arch Files even when it looks as if there is no more improvements to be made - they are most probably the leader in Lever arch files in South Africa with one of the best quality Lever Arch File brands on the market.

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