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CROXLEY CREATE Mathematical Instruments Set - 11 Piece CROXLEY CREATE Mathematical Instruments Set - 11 Piece
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Brand: Croxley Model: MAT3500
Croxley Math Set 11 PieceThe Croxley Create Math Set Includes the Following:• Metal Pencils case• Ruler• Stencil• 30°/60° Set Square• 45° Set Square• 180° Protractor• Divider• Compass• Pencil• Eraser• Sharpener• Time Table..
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Ex Tax:R31.30
HELIX Oxford Maths Set Original - 11 Piece HELIX Oxford Maths Set Original - 11 Piece
-12 %
Brand: Helix Model: B4104
Helix Oxford Mathematical Instruments Complete & Accurate.Contents:Metal pencil case.Compass.30 / 60 Degree Set Square.45 Degree Set Square.Stencil.Eraser.Pencils.Dividers.Ruler 15cm.Sharpener.Protractor.Time Table.Includes the Helix G05 compa..
R65.00 R74.00
Ex Tax:R56.52
Brand: SDS Model: 66-0408-00
11 Piece Economy Math Set.This set consist of:   Metal Pencil Case.30/60 Set Square.45 Set Square.Compas.Protractor.Divider.Stencil.Sharpener.Ruler.EraserPencil.Time Table...
Ex Tax:R24.35
Brand: Staedtler Model: 557 10
Contents Include: Metal Pencil Case Compass Stencil 45 Set Square 30/60 Set Square Eraser Pencil Dividers Ruler Protractor Sharpener..
Ex Tax:R40.00
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