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Paper Hand Towels

Model: PTK2
Heavy Weight Paper Kitchen Towels.Twin Pack..
Ex Tax:R16.00
Model: TIDYR
Paper Hand Towels.Paper hand towels for use with a "reflex" machine. The paper is loaded horizontally, dispenser ejects paper forward towards the user. Each paper hand towel roll is 210mm x 150mm..
Ex Tax:R56.52
Model: CF2036
Paper Hand Towels - Centre Feed.Barrel roll Paper Hand Towels for use in Washrooms. For use with a "center feed" machine. The paper is loaded vertically, user pulls paper from bottom of dispenser and tears off. Each roll is 210mm x 360m..
Ex Tax:R73.91
Model: H-TWL1
Paper Hand Towels - Z-FoldCase of 2,400 (200 x 12) 1 Ply Z-folded paper hand towels for use with Z-fold Paper Hand Towel Dispenser..
Ex Tax:R269.57
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