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Paper Hand Towels

Model: PTK2
Heavy Weight Paper Kitchen Towels.Twin Pack..
Ex Tax:R20.87
Model: H-TWL1
SuperTowel Folded Hand Towels are softer, stronger, and more absorbent than usual paper towels. The lamination technology used on the SuperTowel ensures that each sheet is absorbent and strong, even when wet, preventing it from becoming soggy or ripping. SuperTowel offers the best in consistency ..
Ex Tax:R369.57
Model: CF2036
Paper Hand Towels - Center Feed.Barrel roll Paper Hand Towels for use in Washrooms. For use with a "center feed" machine. The paper is loaded vertically, user pulls paper from bottom of dispenser and tears off. Each roll is 210mm x 360m..
Ex Tax:R100.00
Model: AC01
Paper hand towels for use with a "reflex" machine. The paper is loaded horizontally, dispenser ejects paper forward towards the user. Each paper hand towel roll is 210mm x 150mm..
Ex Tax:R378.26
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